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I am passionate about the correct fitting of Grishko Pointe Shoes, my main aim is to keep feet in Pointe Shoes as healthy and safe as I can. Getting the correct fit for your pointe shoes is very important. It will help you avoid injury . When fitting pointe shoes for the first time, it’s very important you get the correct fit. I do recommend getting your pointe shoes professionally fitted by an individual qualified to do so.
A pointe shoe that is fitted correctly will give you the right amount of support when dancing en pointe.
I deal with a lot of problem feet and also with dancers who need to customise shoes so as to help them with those stubborn little problems that are causing them difficulty. Every dancers foot is different, so we need to look at the different shapes, design and shank strength of the Grishko pointe shoe. Pointe shoe fitting is not like buying a regular pair of shoes.
I also work closely with Amanda Hill and help teach about shoe fitting on their one day Pointe Shoe Fitting Courses held regularly during the year.
I have put together some information and advice based on the way I fit shoes in these pages. I hope you find these pages informative and helpful.
The picture below shows a dancer I fitted on our last pointe shoe course wearing the old shoe she arrived with, and her newly fitted Grishko Pointe Shoe.



More photos of before and after one of my Pointe Shoe Fittings



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