My main aim is to help prevent Foot damage

Grishko are proud to have Linda working closely with us at Move It and thankful for her ongoing feedback in response to new shoe development”

Linda took over the Dance Laine Pointe Shoe Fitting Centre in July 2005 from Esther Juon. Esther introduced Linda to Grishko and Pointe shoe fitting. Originally, by profession, Linda was a trained specialist theatre nurse. There, she saw first hand the damage that badly fitted pointe shoes could cause. Together, this background, her  training as a ballet dancer herself, and learning about pointe shoe fitting  inspired a real passion for trying to prevent the damage that could be done to a young dancers feet due to wearing incorrectly fitted, or wrong styles of pointe shoes.

Having thoroughly examined the needs of a pointe shoe to support the foot, Linda will now only fit GRISHKO Pointe shoes. Grishko shoes meet all the demands she requires for a good, safe fitting. Grishko's  are designed to fit the foot snuggly with the boxes and vamp high enough to give the optimum support that the metatarsal heads of the foot require,. This is  extremely important when working with the soft cartilage of young dancers feet until they reach maturity. With the choice of styles of Grishko shoes available (to suit all shapes of feet), the different shank strengths and the  5 widths every style comes in, a good pointe shoe fitter  is  then able to fit the majority of dancers perfectly.  

Linda also works very closely with Amanda Hill Distributor of Grishko shoes in the UK. Amanda is as passionate about shoe fitting as Linda and together they run one day courses, teaching the correct fitting of Grishko Pointe Shoes to fitters, teachers and students on a sound background understanding of anatomy and function.  Linda has also fitted pointe shoes at Move It every year- an experience that is both exhilarating  yet frustrating- trying to achieve a good fitting in such a short time on a wide variety of dancers of different standards is a challenge (not to mention exhausting!!)

Linda says: " Grishko's need to be fitted correctly, when this happens the foot and shoe becomes one, creating the perfect ballet line, beautiful. I can never use any other make of pointe shoe to create this. I am always learning, each foot can bring me a different set of demands. I will spend much time with each dancer, finding out what they need from a shoe, what their problems may be , and sorting out the damage/difficulty that other makes of shoes  may have caused them. I am extremely fortunate that Grishko will also adapt any pointe shoe, allowing me to find the perfect shoe for any dancer if required. All I want is for a dancer to be able to concentrate on what's important and that’s her technique! Grishko Pointe shoes enable me to do this like no other shoe ever could, so the dancer can simply dance!