This Grishko model has been designed for all kinds of foot. It has a medium flat platform and a U-shaped vamp with a cotton drawstring. The specially designed extra light model with a suede machine-stitched sole provides an
easy transition from  Demi-Pointe to  Pointe and back. The shoe has perfect balance and placement, and outstanding durability and comfort.

The 2007 is easy to fit and is suited to a fairly standard type foot with no extremes in arch, toes or width. It has a U-shaped medium vamp that is very supportive without being constrictive, and a much-appreciated ¾ shank. It is supplied with a drawstring that can be pulled out or stitched down on either side of the heel so as not to damage the surface blood vessels. The shoe is one of our lightest and has a stitched suede sole for quietness. 

We have a unique model of the 2007 which is only made for the UK market. It allows for an easier transition from demi pointe onto pointe. This model is available in both Medium & Hards shanks

PRICE £48.00 

En Pointe from Xenia on Vimeo.