Introducing one of Grishko’s newest pointe shoe
“NOVA” 2007


Nova 2007 represents progression of traditions originating from the most popular model Grishko 2007. We have preserved the best features of Grishko 2007 and complemented them with new ones.
  • wider platform adds stability and balance
  • contemporary material on the shoe base enhances flexibility and soundproof quality
  • a new glue for box construction improves lightness
  • longer flexible wings provide better lateral support
  • double upper preserves the shape of the pointe shoe
Last: Grishko 2007
Upper: light salmon satin
Size: 12.5 – 8.5
Width: X to XXXXX
Shank: S, M, H; SS and SH
Sole: Machine-stitched; natural split leather
Vamp: U – shaped
Drawstring: cotton


Now Available as a PRO model with new noise reducing technology.

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