Grishko Vaganova
This all handmade shoe has V-shaped high vamp, no drawstring and is ideal for a narrow forefoot with a high flexible arch.The Vaganova design is for feet that are well arched, as it has a long vamp. It is very useful for people with long toes as it will grip the foot around the metatarsal arch and prevent the foot from collapsing into the shoe if fitted tightly enough. If toes are uneven lengths, for example 2nd or 3rd toe is longer than the rest, it is vital to fit a Vaganova correctly to prevent injuries. These shoes are also a good fit on people with little toes that stick out, as the wings should enclose this problem.

PRICE £48.00/£49.00 Proflex Model 
Grishkos Vaganova  "ProFlex" A unique design that allows
The shoe to be very flexible, comfortable and quiet. The pliable innersole made from a new type of resilient cardboard and a shank made of regenerated leather, which during the roll thru process assists in achieving perfect pointe. This shoe will help develop strength in toes and lift, so you do not sink down into the shoe. 

The break-in time  is fast

Vaganova Grishko Pointe Shoes

Grishko Vaganova pointe shoes feature narrow width toe platforms, deep vamps and tapered boxes. These features are well suited for dancers with narrow feet. Grishko Vaganova pointe shoes work especially well for narrow feet in which the second toe is longer than the first-a foot shape rarely accommodated for by pointe shoes. The narrow width pointe shoes come in five shanks, ranging from super soft to super hard. Dancers with specific fitting needs can order customised Grishko pointe shoes.If you have extremely narrow feet, you can order your preferred model in the ultra narrow width of 0X. This narrow width falls outside the normal range supplied by most dance shoe manufacturers. Custom shoes take longer to ship than traditional models, but the comfort found in wearing properly fitted pointe shoes is well worth the wait.