Vegan Pointe Shoes & Ballet Slippers

Grishko understands the importance to provide Vegan Pointe Shoes for dancers

The sole of a pointe shoe is the only animal based part of a Grishko Pointe shoe. All Vegan shoes are made with a cellulose sole in place of the suede sole normally used. Any Grishko canvas slipper can also be made with this sole. Pointe shoes that can be made vegan include those with suede soles only: 2007 series (2007, Pro and ProFlex), Miracle, Nova and Maya.   
All Grishko pointe shoes are made with non-animal-based and non-toxic glue. Staff at the Moscow factory often taste the glue to show customers that it is even edible!

Grishko ballet slippers can also be made in a vegan model.