Please allow the minimum of an hour for a shoe fitting

Please wear convertible tights as I will need to examine and watch the way your bare feet work

Please make sure you have NO blisters. It is almost impossible to load a Pointe Shoe correctly with rubbing blisters.

Please make sure your toenails are short and cut straight across.

Please bring with you your old Pointe shoes and Demi Ponte Shoes. I always like to look at your feet in your old shoes before starting my fitting with you.

If you are already using pointe shoes and you are having problems, maybe make some notes so we are able to go through what your needs are.

Bring with you all your old padding and anything you are wearing inside your Pointe Shoes.

If there is an obvious difference between your feet sizes, it may be necessary for me to 2 pairs of shoes either of differing size or width for each foot. Luckily Pointe Shoes do not have a right or left which means you will have two pairs of shoes. If you do end up with two pairs, then just alternate the wearing of them. Don’t put them away in a cupboard as the chances are they may not fit when you come to need them

First appointments could take longer than an hour, I never rush an appointment. I allow the dancer to gain her confidence and feel happy before allowing her to stand on pointe for the very first time. Standing up for the first time can be a little scary for some dancers. With patience and encouragement, you will soon realise that it’s not as frightening as you thought.