Grishko pointe shoes are different in everything, beginning from the raw material up to its final quality control.

First of all, the fabric for pointe shoes is made of the raw material selected by the company’s specialists. Each piece of hide for making a shoe sole is meticulously checked up. The strict quality control is being carried out in each phase of the production process. All the Grishko goods are made of high quality materials that are friendly to the environment and manufactured basically in Russia.

Secondly, the design of Grishko pointe shoe models, especially of the Grishko – 2007, was made not by former dancers, as it is done in many other companies, but by highly qualified technologists and researchers, including the only one in the world doctor of technical sciences who defended a thesis on designing ballet shoes.
The Company, Grishko Ltd. constantly carries on scientific research work in the field of insuring more durability and less noise of the pointe shoe, as well as avoiding professional diseases of dancers.
The research work is being done together with specialists of the Academician Andreyev Acoustics Institute, the Scientific Research Institute of Leather and Shoe Industry, and many medical institutions. The company also bases its work on the experience of the Russian ballet tradition accumulated since the XVII century.

Thirdly, differently from the 99 per cent of the other companies’ pointe shoes, the Grishko ones are assembled completely by hand. As the great Anna Pavlova used to say, making a pointe shoe by hand the cobbler gave its heart and soul to it.