This is GRISHKO’s Model 6. It is perfect for both contemporary and classical dance. It has a medium U-shaped vamp and low side quarters. The shoe has a split suede sole and elastic drawstrings.

This high tech shoe fits like a glove and is suitable for any stage use. Performance Slippers feature:
- Integral elastic running along the arch. While stretching the toe, the elastic automatically pulls the fabric up under the arch to create a clean profile.
- Elastic drawstring and pre-sewn elastics to ensure perfect fit - No side seams - Supportive heel that retains shape - Shock absorbing heel pad - Soft  suede split sole

£21.00 add £3.50 sizes 6 and above Available in Pink/Black/White/Leather/Satin

Grishko’s Model 5 is a split suede sole and a cotton lining. Having a U-shape high vamp and an extended heel, the shoe is made for a foot with long toes. It is ideal both for men and women. The shoe has a perfect anatomical form and provides an absolute freedom of movement on demi-pointe and in transition from the heel to the toe.

The style is also available with a full sole – Available in Pink/Black/White/Leather/Satin

£21.00 add £3.50 sizes 6 and above